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Elias Bertini is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Switzerland. After his stay in London, where he played as a busker and matured to be a multifaceted artist, he released his first solo album “Your Perfume”. In 2016 he made it to the top 100 of the radio charts in Germany with the single “Elephant”. It was followed by the track “Wonderful” (2017) which was nominated, in October of the same year, “song of the month” by the major radio stations in Switzerland. “Wonderful” soon became a hit and was broadcasted in Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

In early 2018 Elias was back with a fresh, addictive pop song called “Awkward”, created around a bombastic, funky, bass line and the notes of an Indian sitar. In autumn 2018 Elias released “Farah”, based on a moving, introspective melody. 

In 2019 it was the turn of “Bye little world”, a balance between the pop sound that marks Elias’s solo career and the unique identity that he gives to all his creations. The strong will of this artist to explore musical genres from around the world and to put them into his work is clearly noticeable.

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